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El Mirador is our longest standing relationship in southern Huila, Colombia.  It is co-owned and operated by Jose Jadir Losada and NEAT co-owner, Kyle Bellinger.  It is a 20 hectare farm in the municipality of Suaza and is at 1450-1600 masl.  There, Jose and Kyle are cultivating a number of varieties of coffee, the majority of which is Castillo.  They also have tomatoes, corn, some plantain and papaya as well as honey bees.  This lot is 100% Castillo and was dry-fermented, then washed and dried for around 25 days on raised beds under shade. Each lot was confirmed to be between 10 and 10.5% moisture content and below .58 aW which means these lots were well-processed and should stay fresh for many months!

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