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Black Cherry



The Sierra Mazateca is in the northernmost reaches of Oaxaca, close to the border of Puebla.  It is an area that is extraordinarily remote (even in a place like Oaxaca where most coffee farms are generally considered "remote") and is populated by mostly indigenous Mayan communities.  Most farmers speak indigenous languages and Spanish is not exactly commonplace.  
Our partner in the region, Red Beetle Coffee Lab, manages a temporary purchasing station every harvest season with the help of a local family. They help aggregate parchment and provide a space to cup samples.  That said, most farmers are still accustomed to selling to "coyotes" and therefore it is often necessary to literally drive to a farmer's home to pick up parchment. For all of the challenges, the Mazateca is maybe the most exciting area of Oaxaca since the quality is extremely high and there is little competition from other buyers.

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