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Wholesale Program
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NEAT’s comprehensive wholesale program can be tailored to your particular needs. Our values and ideals support transparency in pricing and fair trade. So, whether you’re just starting out, expanding your menu, or reevaluating your theory we work alongside you to help you on your journey to a beautiful and extraordinary coffee experience.

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Wholesale Highlight: Grounded Coffee Co.

Grounded Coffee Company is based in Willimantic, CT. 


Grounded Coffee Co.

"We always look for exceptional green coffees that are roasted gently, while also maintaining a decent solubility. After that we look for coffees that are very clean, balanced, and sweet. Processing methods vary but I find that 85% of the time we serve coffees that are either washed or eco-pulped. I’ve also found that the vast majority of coffees we serve are the product of both producers and roasteries working together year after year, investing in both quality and each other. It’s a joy for us at Grounded as well, seeing as coffee tastes better and better all the time."

-Nick Bentley, Director of Coffee

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